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Author: Davis Shaver

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Davis Shaver

Davis Shaver is the editor of Leb Town, a Philly Publishing publication. Shaver lives in Philadelphia now but grew up in Lebanon and visits often.

Sinkholes, forever part of life in Central PA

Growing up in Lebanon, one might think every family faced seasonal basement floods and the occasional neighborhood sinkhole.

Giant Foods submits winning bid for Lebanon County liquor license

What's the value of a liquor license in Lebanon County? About $120k, at least if you're Giant Foods.

First-ever PA LGBTQ Affairs Commission exec director Todd Snovel hails from Lebanon Valley College

Yesterday Gov. Tom Wolf announced the first-ever Pennsylvania LGBTQ Affairs Commission, and named Lebanon Valley College alum & former staffer Todd Snovel as executive director of the 40-person group.

How Gerry Lenfest grew a Lebanon cable company into more than a billion dollars of good

Lenfest's path into the Pennsylvania pantheon evokes Horatio Alger, and surprisingly enough, it has a major stop in Lebanon, PA.

Harrisburg diocese rushes to beat grand jury report, names multiple accused clergy with ties to Lebanon

In a stunning move this week, the Diocese of Harrisburg published a letter that identified 71 clergy accused of abuse. None of the men are actively involved with the church, and some are dead, including former Lebanon Catholic Philips DeChico.

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