We’re here to help make Lebanon a better place.

LebTown is an independent media organization designed to serve the residents of Lebanon past, present, and future by providing timely, accurate, and comprehensive journalism that helps people navigate their daily lives, make more informed political decisions, and contemplate the joy in everyday life and the ordeals faced by those least among us.

Unlike many local media outlets, this site is owner-operated. There’s no corporate chain behind us. The site is run by Davis Shaver, a journalist and web developer living in Philadelphia.

In contrast to the hedge fund owned and publicly traded newspaper chains that dominate the market, LebTown will be constructed to retain as much value as possible within our geographic area. That means that when you join as an advertiser or a member, your dollars will be used to fund journalism that would otherwise go undone.

Help keep Lebanon County a great place to live by supporting locally-owned local media.

Before starting LebTown, Davis started the Penn State news website OnwardState.com, and he has also worked for the Lebanon Daily News as a freelance reporter and later as a technology manager at the paper’s corporate headquarters in New York City.

LebTown Operating Principles

Mission: LebTown exists to help make Lebanon better by providing the community with timely, accurate, and comprehensive journalism.

  • Our newsroom should reflect our community.
  • Local advertising dollars should remain in market.
  • Paywalls are regressive to the least among us.
  • It’s more important to be accurate than to be first.
  • This outlet exists to make an impact.

Contact Info

Our mailing address is:

Philadelphia Publishing Company
1211 Noble Street Fl 4
Philadelphia, PA 19123

You can also text or call us at (814) 387-8283, or send news releases to news@leb.town.

With business inquires and time-sensitive requests, please email Davis at davis@leb.town.

LebTown is made possible by our individual and corporate sponsors who believe in the importance of local journalism.

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